I know you've worked so hard to create that stunning website for your business or beautiful layout for your blog. Now it's time to give yourself, your clients, and your readers content that showcases who you are, what you do, and why you love it.

Maybe you need a second pair of eyes on the pages that tell your business's story, a writer's touch on your blog posts that tell your stories and showcase your products, or an organized vision for your content. I'm here, with a bundle of experience, to help you bring your hard work to life.

The best part? Your initial planning session is free.

tell your business story

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Why hire me


• Editing & Review

• Great for: newsletters, web content, and blog posts

• Billed per hour


• Ghost- and content writing

• Great for: blog & web content

• Billed per word

Content Strategy

• Content organization & brainstorming

• Great for: websites & social media

• Billed per hour

Long Term Services

Have recurring content or an ongoing project?


Let's chat!

Let's create together

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Introductory Meeting

We'll start with an introductory meeting or phone call to chat about which services are right for your business, and I'll ask some questions about you, your business and brand, and your mission. Once we've established which projects you'd like to work on, we'll create a plan of action and set up a timeline that best serves your business.


Communication is key in helping you represent you and your business's needs in the best way. I maintain a 24 hour communication response time, with the exception of holidays or travel.



The cost of service is typically figured by-hour or by-word, depending on the type of work. If ongoing or regular writing/editing is something you're interested in, we'll work out a flat fee for project types.


What does the editing workflow typically look like?

First we'll establish a timeline - this may vary depending on the type and scope of project. We'll set a deadline for the first content draft, after which I'll jump in to edit (usually in the form of a Google Doc). I'll review the draft, suggest edits, and may ask a few questions. Then I'll turn it back over to you, and you'll accept/reject edits and make revisions. We may go through several rounds of edits until the draft is polished on my end and meets your business's goals on your end.

Editing vs Writing: How do I know which service is best for me?

Short answer: do what fits best for your business. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, then the writing process is all yours. If you have a lot on your plate, then ghostwriting may be a better option for you in this season of your business. Longer answer: I will almost always recommend editing services over ghostwriting, except in the case of certain blog or product posts. That's because you will always know your business's voice best. You know exactly how you want your clients and readers to feel when they browse your content, and how you want to portray the persona of your business, which makes you the best person to do that. You don't need to be a great writer or have the clearest vision when you start writing, that's what I'm here for, but your business needs you to tell its story as only you can!